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What will you do with what Fate has given you?

Fate - its power binds us all.  From the most delicate butterfly to the fiercest storm, the pull of fate's threads touch every aspect of life.  Not everyone fully comprehends it, and some even refuse to acknowledge it, but one thing is certain:  No one can escape it.  

For eighteen-year-old Ella Gant, the laws of fate have always represented a source of power and frustration. Born with the rare ability to see and manipulate fate's threads, she struggles to test her full abilities in a school of rigid rules and regulations meant to limit her powers.

So when she one day makes a mistake that threatens even that way of life, she has no choice but to team up with a young bounty hunter just to put things right again. It will involve pushing her powers further than she's ever pushed them before, but will they prove good enough to overcome what fate has in store for them?

Threads of Fate is a science-fiction / fantasy series by Matthew Chan, and is currently seeking publication.

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