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Destiny is no longer just a word...

In the world of Moraie, fate isn't an abstract concept but a part of everyday life. The Threads of Fate, a collection of energy strings blanketing the planet, weave together everyone and everything. They are an invisible force that constantly influence what we say and do. They can pull the closest friends apart, or bind together even the bitterest rivals.  They can dangle great wealth in front of us, only to yank it away at the very last moment.  

In fate's eyes we are merely puppets in its ongoing play.

Nomos Motus Totalus

The discovery of the threads would soon give birth to entirely new fields of science and academics - studies that would both empower and limit our ability to sway destiny. Of all the theories developed, none would become as important as the Nomos Motus Totalus - the Law of Conserved Momentum - which states the following:
  1. Events will always play out according to the current configuration of fate's weave, unless somebody makes an active decision to change the arrangment of the threads within that weave.
  2. If somebody does change a thread in the weave, fate will also rearrange its adjacent threads to align to a new destiny. This is colloquially referred to as a cascade.
Nowadays, the Nomos Motus Totalus is considered absolute, and acts as the foundation for the art of fortune telling.
Fortune Tellers

Those devoted enough to the study of Motus Totalus soon found themselves able to touch and manipulate fate in ways they never thought possible. These individuals would become known as Fortune Tellers, and quickly developed into the world's most sought-after and revered fraternity.  

For a fortune teller, unravelling one's future is as easy as pulling loose fibers from a sweater, and changing one's fate as simple as re-sewing them.  What they choose to do with that power is up to them...

The Seven Nations

At first, the discovery of fate united the world as its people tried to understand the force that suddenly bound them all together.  However, it wasn't long before varying philosophies on what to do with this newfound power divided it more than ever before.

Now the nations of Mercuria, Terra, März, Luppita, Shani, Ouranos, and Varuna share only an uneasy peace.  In truth, this tepid cease-fire is only a front for the brewing cold war; a race to discover fate's deepest, darkest secrets.  It is only a matter of time before that vault is opened, giving one nation the power to start a war the likes of which have never been seen...

The Legend of the Human Huricanne

Despite the differences of the seven nations, they are all still plagued by a common foe: an unstoppable force that sweeps through their lands, destroys their towns, and brings death wherever it goes.

The Human Hurricane.

But just who is the Human Hurricane?  It depends who you ask. Some claim he's a hulking giant, others a sinister temptress, and others still believe him to be no less than Death incarnate. Whatever he is, one thing is certain: he is the most powerful fortune teller the world has ever known, meaning that he (or she) knows secrets about fate that no one else does...
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